Certified Head Lice Specialist

We operate a mobile certified head lice removal service because we are aware of the impact lice can have on family. I have 15 years of cosmetology experience and I am a certified lice technician.Provide professional and confidential at your home head lice treatment in one visit, We remove and Eliminate head lice. We are trained to Educate family how to prevent and eliminate the Parasite.Ours Products and service are 100% guarantee and Eco-Friendly. We will Provide back to school leter.


Our trained technician Used " THE SHEPHERD METHOD" This mean we use STRAND BY STRAND nit removal.we work with the hair in paper thin sections.

What is the "SHEPHERD METHOD" ?

Is safe non toxic but strong for the Head Lice.using the strand by Strand and incorporates with safety procedure to ensura the head been checked right. Head check allow each individual to be treat effectively only one time and to be monitored after that. also our method is 100% Guarantee and Confidencial.

payment and policy

  • $25 Head check per individual(new clients only)
  • $95 For a family of 4 or 5 members with two comb provide.
  • $80 foster Childrens flat rate
  • $1 Schools and Camps Head Check Only (minimum of 20 childrens)
  • $90.00 For 1st Hour
  • $20.00 For Each Additional 1/4 Hour
  • $10.00 For Follow up Head checks
  • $20 Hair Cut after Treatment If need It.

5 Myths About Head Lice And Treatment.

Head lice means you have poor hygiene?

Lice actually prefer clean healthy hair.

Head lice can jump and fly?

It takes head to head contact to get lice.

Over the conunter products and sprays are completely safe.

Most are toxic pesticides.

Once you have lice you're less likely to catch it again?

Actually, theopposite. Lice leave scent that actually "calls" other lice telling then tou are a good food source. Additionally you often return to the same group of friends where lice most likely exist.

You can drown and wash away lice if you take a long shower and wash you heair repeatedly?

Lice shut down for up to 2 hours and lock their claw like legs onto the hair shaft; allowing them to hang on for dear life!


  • How to avoid Head Lice?
  • Do not share Combs or brush or hat
  • Be Aware of head lice specifically after Sleep over.
  • Remember Head Lice don't Jump or Fly.
Treatment Process Includes 2 Follow up rechecks.